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Making the shift by lighting the way

Simão Cruz and David Nogueira / Published July 19, 2023

Welcome to Lightshift, an early-stage fund dedicated to investing and co-building the decentralized future. As believers in this industry, we participate as co-builders. Our team of engineers and blockchain experts empowers entrepreneurs to reach their full potential and fuel their execution. Join us on this exciting journey to ignite the next generation of web3.

Our investment philosophy can be distilled down to three words.

First. Third. Last.

The first. We embrace new ideas. We are the earliest supporters of visionary founders, often when their project only exists as a pitch deck. We take a chance on potential often overlooked by others and proudly write the very first check.

The third. We act as your third co-founder. When Lightshift invests, you can count on us every step of the way. Our commitment goes beyond capital; we roll up our sleeves to help you build your company and are dedicated to your success.

The last. We intend to be the last ones standing and will keep contributing all the way to the top. We know that catalyzing real change is not fast or easy. But we are obsessed with the opportunity to shape the future, work with extraordinary founders, and challenge the status quo.

How we work

At Lightshift, our investment approach revolves around what we call Contributions - the very projects we participate in as developers. Within our ranks we have an exceptional team of accomplished engineers with diverse backgrounds. From cryptographers, full-stack developers, and engineers specialized in blockchain, our collective knowledge gives us the tools to deliver what we promise.

How we support you will differ every time. We write base code for projects that were pitched to us as mere ideas. Other times we validate them through extensive testing. We write white papers, smash bugs, launch new features, and host boot camps. These are some of the missions we completed for our companies:

  • Roadmap acceleration; from writing the very first code to launching a project on new chains
  • Research and architecture; helping our founders make key decisions and orchestrating unseen MPC and ZK implementations
  • Security; finding vulnerabilities and tackling them to protect our protocols or prepare them for audit
  • Validators and networks; from the first block on your testnet to becoming your main network validator
  • Documentation; driving adoption by exposing our tech to the community in the most efficient way
  • We are not afraid to get down to the nitty-gritty of building decentralized tools. In fact, that’s what we are here for.

Builder-first approach to Venture Capital

We redefine Venture Capital and strive to be part of something larger than ourselves. We set ourselves apart, because we understand the importance of the builder community.

Our know-how goes beyond the boundaries of our core team. We represent a network of founders, builders, investors, funds, DAOs, and ecosystems. Our community comprises experts actively contributing their knowledge to support one another. We are privileged to have renowned founders and engineers from prominent web3 projects, including Ethereum, Polkadot, Anchorage, and more, alongside influential investment firms such as DCG and Brevan Howard, as well as ecosystems like Gnosis, Celo, and Protocol Labs on our side.

We take immense pride in the people who believe in our vision and collaborate with us. However, what truly defines Lightshift is one essential factor: our unwavering commitment to the community itself. That is why we organize hackathons, workshops, and networking events all over the globe.

Open-source web3 tooling

Our builder-first mentality extends itself to active contributions we make in the open-source realm. We recognize that web3 needs fundamental tools and techniques to reach the next stage of evolution. Our engineers play an integral part to make these more accessible to a broader audience by leading and supporting open-source coding.

Together we can tackle some of the most challenging issues and empower builders on their first steps towards realizing their potential. We forge a path towards an accessible and collaborative web3 ecosystem.

Dare to build the future with us

Inspired by the laws of physics, Lightshift captures the essence of a transformative phenomenon - the change in energy and frequency when light interacts with matter. Just like this, we infuse companies with renewed energy and momentum.

If you dare to build the future with us, reach out at